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DHotel Speakerphone with Caller ID,
D10 Guest Service Buttons, 
DMessage Waiting & Incoming Call Indication

Functional Features :
E Comply with all well known PABX brands:Alcatel,Avaya, Ericsson,fujitsu,NEC,Nortel,Philips,Siemens etc.
E 5 meters range, crystal-sound and high-quality speakerphone
E Message waiting & incoming call indication
E 76 caller ID memories
E LCD displays caller ID/dialed phone numbers & auto disappear after 5 minutes
E On-hook predial
E Automatic call timer
E Mobile phone RFI noise immunityr
E Flash time(100/200/300/600/900ms) adjustable
E 10 guest service buttons, service-button memories will be kept during power failure
E Hold with mute/music & extension release
E Handset volume 4 levels adjustable
E Speaker/ringer volume 8 levels adjustable
E Full-length paper faceplate with specific hotel name, dialing instructions & service icons
E Desk/wall mountable
Colors available:Black,Off white
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